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My H1N1 Tussle: Oatmeal & The Flying Slipper

November 17, 2009

Two weeks ago the flu hit me like a Mack Truck and knocked me right on my behind. For someone who rarely gets sick during the cold and flu season I was amazed at this flu’s intensity.  It was unrelenting and hit me with every possible symptom. If I had to choose my least favourite symptom, it would be a tie between the shortness of breath and gut wrenching coughs. I didn’t think things could have gotten any worse until my doctor diagnosed me with having the H1N1 flu virus. I couldn’t believe it! She explained to me that the H1N1 flu strain was what she had been seeing in all of her patients. Once she determined that I didn’t have pneumonia, she advised me to stay home, stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. For the rest of the week that’s exactly what I did. However, when last Monday rolled around I made the mistake of going back to work before I was ready. My body fiercely put me in check. The next day I was back in bed. Since then I’ve been taking it slow, taking care and listening to my body.

Sean was doing such a great job in taking care of me it was only a matter of time before he got sick. Trust me, nothing tests your relationship like being sick at the same time when living together. And while we fared pretty well in taking care of each other, there were incidents that made me want to scream. The “Oatmeal Incident” is a terrific example. Day 1: Most people know Sean is a jokester and on this particular day he spent much of his afternoon teasing me. Normally I’d let it slide but because I was sick and miserable, he was working my last nerve. Later, he made homemade oatmeal with apples & cinnamon. Did he dish up any for me? No! Did he eat it in front of me? Yes! I thought he had made enough for both us. Nope! Just himself. He watched me go to the kitchen for my share and laughed at me  when I found an empty pot. Promises were made to make me more the next day. Day 2: Of course, despite my requests, there was no oatmeal. I got frustrated and threw Sean’s slipper out of our apartment and into our hallway. I couldn’t help but laugh as he chased after it. I admit that I may have taken it too far when I locked him out of our apartment.  It was only for a few seconds though. I mean he got over it and we can laugh at it now. 😉

All jokes aside, our recovery has been slow. Thanks to prescribed cough syrup and 2 inhalers, my gut wrenching cough is gone, replaced now with a smaller cough that’s just as annoying albeit less frequent.  I’m getting my strength back but sometimes I feel winded if I talk for too long and/or tired if I move around too quickly or for too long a period. I’d like to send a special thanks to everyone for their get well wishes and to Ms. Terri for making us a delicious homemade meal when we needed it most.

This latest flu virus is very aggressive. Understandably people are scared, particularly as the media reports on those who have succumbed to the virus. Whether or not you plan on getting the seasonal flu vaccine or the H1N1 vaccine, I would highly recommend that you find your own truth, educate yourself and make an informed decision. The following links may help:

  • Ontario’s Ministry of Health offers tips on how to protect yourself against the seasonal and H1N1 flu as well as giving you the latest updates on H1N1 vaccination clinics. Click here for more information.
  • A friend of mine, Eva Redpath, posted some great information on how to combat H1N1 naturally. Eva is a Toronto based personal trainer and group fitness expert. Her blog, Women’s Body Conditioning Fitness Blog offers expert tips & inspiration. You can check out her post here.
  • And here’s an article providing some great tips on how to care for your partner if they become sick with the H1N1 Flu: H1N1 Flu & Your Relationship.

Take care.


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© Nia’s Piece, 2009

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  1. November 17, 2009 10:48 am

    Ok………….so let me set the record straight people! Did I make Oatmeal? YES! Did i have the support of my girl? NO! She thought i wasn’t well enough to have such a heavy meal on my stomach. Did i listen to my girl? HELL NAW! Did I proceed to make oatmeal with fresh bits of apple and sprinkles of Cinnamon and sugar? YOU KNOW IT! So i only made enough for me cause SOMEBODY said they didn’t want any. Then when I made it and ate it in front of that SOMEBODY, she gives me that look like ‘I’m pissed off but hungry/DAMN that smells good’ look. So I watched her get up and walk over to the stove knowing what was about to go down! it was awesome! every step made me laugh just a little more inside. Then the big reveal!!! BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ….nothin’ left! PRICELESS! Stop telling half truths girl! You should have told them how when i took you to the walk in clinic and they made you wear a mask in the waiting area, which made you look like you were infecting the entire store, how i put a mask on too just so you didn’t feel like the only one. Or how i loved you just a little more each day…mostly….mostly.


    • November 18, 2009 11:46 pm

      Lol, if the roles were reversed I would’ve made enough oatmeal for the both of us just in case you changed your mind & wanted some. And I thought wearing a mask with me in the waiting room was one of the sweetest things you’ve done. Real love shown…mostly…mostly.

  2. November 17, 2009 1:21 pm

    Too funny Nadine… and poor Sean – she’s telling lies on you eh?

    By the way, did your doctor confirm it was H1N1 with blood work or a saliva swab? Because that’s really the only way to tell for sure – lab work confirming the presence of the antibodies. I find a lot of doctors are being a little fast and loose with this diagnosis. The regular seasonal flu is bad enough girl and could certainly hit you as hard as you’ve described. So unless you got lab work proving it, you can’t really claim H1N1.

    I had to take the whole fam to the doctor yesterday – luckily we’ve just got viral bronchitis and associated asthma flare-ups (that none of us were properly controlling – shame on me). But we had to do the whole mask thing too. And they whisked us off into an exam room to keep us separate from the other patients. Our doctor came in with a mask herself and afterwards showed us out the back door! Serious precautions. Embarrassed the hell outta my teenager but the 7-year-old thought it was great fun.

    Glad you’re both on the mend.

    • November 19, 2009 12:03 am

      Thanks Andrea…yes he is 🙂 We were surprised with the doctor’s diagnosis & took her word for it as she’s the doctor & at the time, I was in no condition for blood work. I’ve had the flu before and can say that from the intensity of the symptoms to the length of recovery, this was no ordinary flu. I’m still taking my 2 inhalers and am hoping to stop completely by the end of this week.

      Happy to hear that you & your family are okay.

      Take care.

  3. Eva Redpath permalink
    November 17, 2009 10:59 pm


    What a story, if Shawn ever pulled that Oatmeal trick on me, when I was sick, I don’t even know what I’d do, but he’d regret it!

    Thank you for the blog shout out.

    My flu came on last Monday, started with a late night trip to Emergency because I had a little fainting spell. A masked Shawn and I were quarantined and two hours later we were dismissed. I have been in bed ever since!

    Shawn was an amazing Dr, you know that part in the vows “in sickness and in health” he passed that test with flying colors and managed to see me through my flu without catching it himself.

    I haven’t been that sick since living in China and catching their “flu” for the first time. The viruses going around, while I manifested mine differently then everyone else, are nasty!

    Its for sure a new strand of the flu, otherwise I wouldn’t have been taken down like that!

    Glad you are on the mend, take it one day at a time and STAY HEALTHY!

    • November 19, 2009 12:17 am

      You’re more than welcome for the blog shout! Wow, a fainting spell? A trip to Emergency? That’s crazy. Thankfully you’re feeling better! Awe, I’m not surprised that Shawn would go above & beyond.

      Thanks, I am and feeling better everyday.

  4. November 19, 2009 1:00 pm

    …what am I? CHOPPED LIVER? I looked after you too girl! That’s the whole reason i got sick homie! when you needed to cross the road, who picked you up and stopped traffic?! When that piece of hair broke away from that one strand on your head, who glued the one strand back?! When the elevator broke down the other day who ran to the rooftop and lowered the elevator by hand?! and lastly…who tries to love you just a little more than the minute before?! ME! I must go now in an effort to locate my phone, just in case you call me and are in need of my assistance.

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